This page is dedicated to the music of fellow microtonalists.

Mark Gould Duet

Prelude 1.63 mb

Scherzo 2.57 mb

Lento 3.32 mb

Finale 2.99 mb

The four movements of this duet are by Mark Gould, in a scale of his own devising. It can be described as 10 successive intervals of 7/19 of an octave, or Sensi[11] in the 19 equal tuning.

Margo Schulter's European Union

European Union 1.07 mb

This neo-Medieval piece by Margo Schulter is in the Peppermint 24 scale; readers interestedin this may want to consult the following articles from the Yahoo tuning list:

message 41244

message 41246

message 41275

message 41307

Margo Schulter's 22-equal harpsichord

Library 364 kb

This is another neo-Medieval piece by Margo Schulter, tuned in 22 equal.

Herman Miller's Lemba

Lemba 1.50 mb

This is in the lemba temperament, pioneered by Herman Miller.