Gene's Music

The Christmas 2002 Album

Threnody for the Victims of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 7.66 mb

The tuning is 13-limit JI, or 6079-et if you want to get technical.

Diamond in the Rough 5.02 mb

Symphonic con brio using the Partch 13-limit tonality diamond as a scale.

Totally Tubular 5.27 mb

Another symphonic movement, in 9-odd-limit just intonation.

Bodacious Breed 7.10 mb

Still more symphonic music. This is in the 2401/2400-planar ("Breed") temperament, tuned to 441-et.

Bodacious Breed 8.61 mb

Here is an mp3 file of another version of the same piece.

The 45000 fingers of Dr S 11.6 mb

45000 fingers midi

This is in TOP-tuned Ennealimmal[54], which has 4.5 as many notes to the octave as 12-et. The new version here is an mp3 file with a harpsichord font.

Nonaginta et novem 8.59 mb

Nonagenta et novem midi

The tuning, temperament and scale are all 99 equal; all 99 notes are used. In four parts but only three voices, as the sax and clarinet are buds and hang together; the harmony sticks faithfully to the 9-odd-limit.

Marvelous penta 1.39 mb

This is the result of a collaboration between Andrew Heathwaite and me. Andrew supplied the 5-et skeleton for the piece with his Pinta Penta, which can be found at soundclick. I added harmony, converting it into a piece in the 15-note marvelous dwarf scale. One way to describe this scale is as the pentads [[0, -1, -2], [0, -1, -1], [0, 0, -1], [0, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [0, 1, 1]]. This has sixteen notes, but marvel tempering reduces that to fifteen and gives us a comma pump, since in marvel (225/224 planar) [0, -1, -2] and [0, -1, -2]+[1, 1, 4] = [1, 0, 2] are the same, and this shares a 15/8 with [0, 1, 1]. The major pentads are a tonic, dominant and subdominant triple, and as a consequence this marvelous dwarf has a rather "normal" sound and a strong sense of tonal centeredness. It is in fact somewhat analogous to the seven notes of the diatonic scale; in both scales by passing through utonalities we are able to link the subdominant to the dominant.

Ostinato on a difference set 2.88 mb

Ostinato midi

This is a severely mathematical exercise applying the 13-element perfect difference set to the 13-element 7-limit tonality diamond. The violin riffs on the difference set, and with the clarinet permutes through various interval relationships, including unisons. Normally I listen to these mathematical exercises without uploading them for all to hear, but this struck me as worth hearing and sharing.

Choraled 8.26 mb

Choraled midi

This string quartet movement keeps trying to turn itself into a nice simple chorale, but keeps being distracted by various confusions and complexities. The chorale has been choraled. The piece is in a 26-note scale in the hemifamity, or 5120/5103 planar, 7-limit temperament. While the vibrato obscures hearing it, it is in the synch tuning, which is a good one for hemifamity.