Joseph Haydn


Haydn's Symphony number 52 is one of his Sturm und Drang classics. The tuning used here is twelve notes of my favorite meantone equal temperament, 50-equal. Some may object to the lack of string ensemble sound fonts in the rendering; I suggest just listening to the music without fussing about "correct" soundfonts. The larger, high-fidelity version is an ogg file, the lofi version is mp3.

Symphony 52

Movement 1 11.8 mb lofi 4.58 mb

Movement 2 12.3 mb lofi 4.03 mb

Movement 3 3.30 mb lofi 1.21 mb

Movement 4 6.14 mb lofi 2.27 mb

Below is Haydn's string quartet op 50, number 4. Purists once again may object to the soundfont choices, this time to an oboe soundfont which has somehow wormed its way in to a string quartet; such purists might bear in mind that these are, after all, soundfonts and so no truly authentic version is possible. The oboe emphasizes the tuning, which is TOP meantone. Once again the larger, high-fidelity version is an ogg file and the lofi version is mp3.

String Quartet Op 50 number 4

Movement 1 5.52 mb lofi 2.22 mb

Movement 2 6.40 mb lofi 2.54 mb

Movement 3 4.09 mb lofi 1.50 mb

Movement 4 2.21 mb lofi 0.83 mb