By Meantop I mean meantone tuned to the 5/7 limit (they are the same) TOP tuning.

Haydn String Quartet Op 50 #4 mv 1 5.5 mb

Second Movement 6.4 mb

Third Movement 4.1 mb

Fourth Movement 2.2 mb

Below are two versions of Bach's Prelude and Fugue #17 in Ab major, from the Well Tempered Clavier, Book I. The first has partial tones tuned to the meantop version of those pitch relationships; the second has the standard integer overtone series. The soundfiles were created using Csound.

Prelude and Fugue 17, tempered overtones 3.34 mb

Prelude and Fugue 17, just overtones 3.36 mb

Here is Francois Couperin's Les Barricades Mysterieuses, again in meantop and using Csound.

Les Barricades Mysterieuses 2.61 mb