Shawn Beard

Shawn Beard's lovely and technically accomplished music is represented by the variety of approaches in the Orchestral Variations below. The third variation brings to mind Saint-Saëns, who was mastering meantone well into the last century. All of the music on this page has been tuned to 31 notes to the octave rather than the usual 12, to give it a more harmonious meantone tuning.

Theme 2.00 mb

First variation 2.91 mb

Second variation 6.48 mb

Third variation 4.32 mb

Fourth variation 4.43 mb

Fifth variation 11.6 mb

Here is a midi version of the first movement of Shawn's flute quartet, for which we are awaiting further movements.

Flute quartet

Shawn's Variations on a Theme of Beethoven does for Beethoven's theme what Beethoven himself was so excellently able to do to other people' themes. Once again, a midi version.

Variations on a Theme of Beethoven