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24-eq Tune

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24-eq (or, as most people call it, 24-ET) is also known as the 'quarter-tone' system of tuning.

Unusually for me, with this piece I have no idea what the rational implications of the harmony are - I composed it strictly 'by ear', concentrating more on the counterpoint than on the harmony. I tried to make logical-sounding chord progressions, but I've never analyzed what they are. Someday I would like to figure them out (or if anyone else wants to do it, that's OK with me! - email your analysis to me).

Referring to the colors used on the graph below, you hear the 1st guitar part first (green), then the 2nd guitar (blue) along with it, then the bass (pink) and drums come in together, then the violin (orange) plays the melody.

The meter is 13/8, subdivided into (3 groups of 3) and (2 groups of 2) =
32 + 22 beats. The tune is a 5-bar phrase, with the 5th bar repeating as a tag at the end. By the way, that's the only measure in the piece that doesn't use 'quarter-tones', so it's a sort of 'resolution' of the 24-eq into 12-eq.

Download my MIDI sequence of 24-eq Tune here.

graph of pitches

ChartObject Joe Monzo - 24-eq Tune

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