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Center for Microtonal Music in Southern California

Bridging the gap between visual arts and music

Harry Partch
Ivor Darreg
John S. Glasier

Honoring the spirit of Harry Partch, Ivor Darreg and John S. Glasier.

Sonic Arts Dictionary of Tuning Terms

Online hyperlinked glossary of words pertaining to Xenharmonik (microtonal) music theory

Selected Mills College and Onelist Tuning Digest Archives

Left to right: Joe Monzo (ektara), Denny Genovese (Kosmolyre), Jonathan Glasier (19tET Guitar)
(with two of Ivor Darreg's Megalyres in the back)

Jonathan Glasier

Founder and Editor of Interval and proprietor of the Sonic Arts Gallery

Denny Genovese

Director of World Harmony Project, Inc., and founder of the Southeast Just Intonation Society (SEJIS)

Joe Monzo

Author of JustMusic: A New Harmony, and Sonic Arts webmaster


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  • Sonic Arts Gallery

    A showplace of historic microtonal musical instruments

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