Microtonal, just intonation, electronic music software Microtonal, just intonation, electronic music software

Free Music Downloads

Tonalsoft™ is your premiere location for sampling and listenting to just-intonation and microtonal music. Many pieces are available as free music downloads. Come try out the collection. It's alternative music and it's growing every day. You can also download musical scores, musical tunings, and math-and-music documents.

Alternative Music News

Tonalsoft provides you not only with the music composition software that makes microtonal music production practical, Jonathan Glasier also informs you about the latest events from the alternative music scene on The Microbeat. Back issues of The Microbeat are always available here at Tonalsoft, where it's all microtonal.

Microtonal Music Theory

We working on providing you with the best available and most readable information about just intonation and microtonal music theory. If you understand the math and music, you'll really be ready to apply microtonal composition techniques. Our regular news column about music theory, called inTune should be interesting reading. You can find all back issues of inTune in the music theory archive. Additionally, we're always working to make our Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music-Theory as complete and relevant as possible.

Interval Journal

Are you familiar with Interval, Journal of Music Research and Devleopment? Well, we are proud to republish articles from Interval on an on-going basis in web format. They're great articles, and it should be easier than ever to find what the right article.

MIDI Software

Our first series of articles in Pitch Bend provide a lot of details for the software developer as well as the technology savvy musician on how to design and develop MIDI software. Obviously, we will be putting an emphasis on microtonal and just intonation music where possible.

Music Synthesis Technology

There's a lot of science and technology that's used for tuning and producing microtonal and just intonation music. Our technology news column The Pitch Bend generates a steady stream of articles about the technology and programming of MIDI synthesizers and other hardware. Previously published issues of The Pitch Bend are available in the The Pitch Bend Archive.

Product Support

Tonalsoft's mission is to provide the tools and information for producing high quality microtonal and just-intonation music. If you are in need of assistance, we're there to help you with hardware- and software-compatibility concerns, software installation issues, and general product-usage information on our Tonescape Support Center.

Company Information

Tonalsoft is a new company, whose mission is to developer high quality electronic music software for microtonal and just intonation music. Our founders, Chris Wittmann and Joe Monzo have dedicated themselves to distributing music notation software that is practical to use for composing in almost any conceivable musical scale. Our contact information is available to better support you. Additionally, you can find out the latest news on Tonalsoft products and events such as our music composition software at the Tonalsoft Update. All published issues of this news column are available at the Tonalsoft Update Archive.

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