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Tonescape® Release Notes

Click here to download Tonescape® -- Den Haag (alpha) version.

Welcome to the TONALSOFT Tonescape® release-notes page. Release notes for various Tonescape® releases and editions are available herein. Each release has its own section Release notes that are applicable for all releases are available at the top of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the public release of the Den Haag version of Tonescape® (28 January 2007), TONALSOFT no longer officially supports any operating system other than Windows XP. Tonescape® Den Haag will probably install and run on Windows Vista, and may run on Windows 2000 or Windows 98, but no customer service is available for those OS.

All Releases of Tonescape®

Tonescape® Den Haag (first public release)

Tonescape® Catalina (Alpha)

Tonescape® Sun Dog (Alpha)

Error Fixes

Windows 98 Issues