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2005-07-23 at 21:10

Microtonal Music Theory News Page

Welcome to inTune, your source for microtonal and just intonation music theory. inTune is a regular news column on the Tonalsoft web site whose purpose is to provide you with a continuous flow of news articles and essays on music theory for microtonal music and just intonation.

This entire endeavor originally started as a single Internet web page that contained a list of microtonal tuning definitions provided by John Chalmers. From there it grew into the Dictionary of Tuning Terms, where it started to get a life of its own. These events happened back in 1998, and I pretty much haven't composed anything significant since I got myself totally engrossed in my microtonal and just intonation music theory projects. Now that we're getting things really organized, we've decided to operate two venues on microtonal music theory: (a) this column, and (b) the Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory.

The Encyclopedia contains relatively concise definitions and entries, all of which are based on the original Dictionary of Tuning Terms. We've also broadened its scope, ergo the new name referring to microtonal music theory. The Encyclopedia has now been reorganized and has a brand new look-and-feel. A bit of work still remains to be done on the Encyclopedia, so I won't be publishing many articles in this column for the time being ... but as soon as that's finished, I look forward to publishing some interesting articles right here on this page. Please stay "inTune".

Joe Monzo