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Tonescape Knowledge Base

Click here to download Tonescape® -- Den Haag (alpha) version.

The Tonescape® knowledge base is a collection of information that's used for extending your skills and experience with Tonescape® and that will also prove useful when troubleshooting problems. All entries are grouped according to a logical category. Many entries are applicable to all versions of Tonescape® and all releases. In the cases where entries have a narrow application, either the applicable edition or release of Tonescape® will be mentioned. You will also find the information contained herein useful for understanding the more advanced concepts built into Tonescape®.

System Requirements

Tonescape® is based on Microsoft's .Net technology to provide a high quality, stabile infrastructure and with DirectX to bring the visual experience of microtonal music to life. You system needs to be running with up-to-date video and multimedia drivers in order to run Tonescape®. Software and hardware system requirements are described below:


Lattices use state-of-the-art gaming technology to provide you with a feature-rich, 3-dimensional interactive view of the mathematics of musical tunings. This technology is forward looking and not backward compatible with all video cards and all gaming platforms. Here are some things you can check to see why Tonescape® can't display a lattice.

Avoidable Errors

Error Resolution
Application error is raised after Tonescape® is closed. This is an an unknown application error that's caused when Windows or .Net 1.1 don't have the latest service packs installed. If .Net Service Pack 1 is NOT installed, that's the cause. Run Windows Update to ensure your system is current.
Windows error dialog is displayed. Error message refers to the toolbar. This is another unknown application error that only shows itself when .Net 1.1 has NOT been updated to Service Pack 1. Use Windows update to solve this problem.