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tonalsoft update

2005-08-31 at 12:00

Music Production Software

Tonalsoft announces a strategic enhancement to its flagship music production software, Tonescape. As of the next pre-release version, Tonescape will directly produce CD-quality audio files in MP3, wave, or AIFF formats. Music production will be integrated as a standard feature in Tonescape 2005 Studio in its upcoming public release, ensuring that Tonescape will provide industry-leading features for high quality microtonal and just-intonation music production.

Tonalsoft's founders have long been obsessed with the practical production just-intonation and microtonal music. Traditionally, microtonal and just intonation music have been impractical to pursue for a variety of reasons including a deficiency in musical notation, difficulties finding appropriately skilled instrumentalists, and in building microtonal musical instruments. Our mission is to make the computer production of microtonal music inexpensive, efficient, practical and fun. We are aggressively pursuing this goal through the introduction of Tonescape.

Chris Wittmann