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Tonalsoft™ Tonescape® Help menu - online
Table of Contents

The Basics

1) Overview of Tonescape
2) Downloading and installing Tonescape
3) Getting started with Tonescape
4) Navigating the Tonescape® Workspace
a) the main Tonescape® window
b) the Musical Piece window
c) the Lattice window
d) the Tuning Editor
e) the Tools window
f) the Playback controls
g) the Menu bar and Toolbar

Tonescape® Musical Pieces

Tonescape® Musical Pieces: an overview

Open and view an existing Musical Piece

The Musical Pieces view

The Musical Pieces Toolbar "Compose | Show Tips" menu choice

Edit a Musical Piece

Pitch-Height View

Pitch-Height View pop-up menu

Sounding Enabled

Snap Mouse To... menus
Adding and editing notes on the score

Conductor View

Conductor View - normal view Conductor View - Show Modifiers Entire Piece view

Outline View

Create a new Musical Piece

Choose a tuning

how to use "File | New | Tuning..."

part 1: prime generators (i.e., just intonation)

6) an example .tuning: Partch 43-tone 11-limit JI

how to use "File | New | Tonespace..."

part 1: pythagorean tuning: 1-dimensional 3-space

2005-06-03 by Joe Monzo