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Tonalsoft®: Our Mission

Tonalsoft®'s founders have long been obsessed with making the composition and recording of just intonation and microtonal music a practical endeavor. Traditionally, microtonal and just intonation music have been impractical to pursue for a variety of reasons including a deficiency in musical notation, difficulties finding appropriately skilled instrumentalists, and in building microtonal musical instruments. Our mission is to make the end-to-end production of microtonal music inexpensive, efficient, practical and fun through the use of electronic music software. We are aggressively pursuing this goal through the introduction of Tonalsoft's flagship electronic music software product, Tonescape®.

Tonalsoft® Tonescape® microtonal electronic music software enables the microtonalist to visually develop and understand the harmonic charactertistics of thousands of different musical scales and to compose new, fresh music in an intuitive manner. Our hope is that through the distribution of versatile, high quality electronic music software, we can enable students, educators, composers as well as the casual musician to enjoy the benefits of practically composing just intonation and microtonal music.

Succinctly put, our mission is to develop the most effective electronic music software for microtonal and just-intonation music composition, and to integrate that software with other state-of-the-art software applications and electronic music products.