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2005-02-08 at 00:00

Alternative Music News

Hey microtonal folks out there in cyberland, remember me? I edited the Interval/Journal of Music Research and Development, also known as Interval/ Exploring the Sonic Spectrum, from 1978 to 1988 (19 issues). I dropped out because I was tired of talking about all the wonderful scale possibilities. I wanted to concentrate on creating some alternative music, real alternative music, not the pseudo-stuff that you get on Clear Channel and most other stations.

For fifteen years, (1987-1990, 1993-present) I have owned and operated the Sonic Arts Gallery now located at 2961 Beech Street, San Diego CA 92102. The original idea of Sonic Arts was to create momentum for a museum and research center in San Diego for sound and light art (kinetic arts). Originally in Downtown San Diego, we had exhibits of new instruments and a small research arm. Sonic Arts II is more a research center where microtonalists can record, discuss and share their work. At different times, certain projects take center stage, but there is always something interesting taking shape. Recently we have been concentrating on electronic music on synthesizers tuned to xenharmonic or microtonal scales. Often we have more than one scale going at once and now are re-programming the keyboard creating amazing melodic and chordal possibilities which fit easily in the hand. I will go into this in later blogs.

What the Microbeat will be is four sections. Sonic Arts, MP3 exchange, general microtonal ramblings, and news from the microtonal world (including concerts, recordings and other pertinent info) as I receive it.