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2005-06-01 at 12:00

Gene Ward Smith

Joe Monzo and I just got back from a trip to the Bay Area to spread the word and share "Tonescape" with a few people. The response was fabulous. Mostly we were making sure that our Alpha Group was well informed. We visited Gene Ward Smith in San Jose, Tom Nunn in S.F. and Carl Lumma in Berkeley. I brought my 19 EDO guitar and played it for a few people. They like my "Blackbird" Beatle piece. Carl took us to Kurt Bigler's house and we heard his justifying organ, his unequal fifths piano, and two harpsichords in other tunings. They were all impressed with the way "Tonescape" was able to take most tuning systems and make them understandable and compositionally useful. Also we are finding that putting historical music in other tunings is quite useful. Monzo has discovered that Mozart was thinking of expanded tunings because of certain spellings in his works. Carried out to the max, it would all fit into 55 equal. He probably wasn't thinking of the full expansion, but you can hear the result from the website.

I am leaving in a few days for points north, including Portland, our vacation house in Oceanside, Ore. and then on to Alaska with our grandchildren. I will meet Prent Rodgers, (Microbeat3) near Seattle on the way, and give him some material for podcasting. I'll have my laptop, so I will be sharing "Tonescape" to a few people while I am gone.

I am postponing the piece on Ivor until I get back, but you can see much of his works on the Sonic Arts website.