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2005-08-14 at 12:00

Prent Rodgers

I have been traveling for most of the summer and have not been here in San Diego. Elizabeth and I and our two grandchildren went to Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway System, ferry, Columbia. I am creating a slide show on our trip on my new Power Mac G4 (OS X.4). Nothing too fancy, but we hope to make a slide show of pictures of the Sonic Arts Gallery with our microtonal improvisational music using our newest setup. I'm new to Macworld but I see the advantages already. It would be great to be able to create Tonescape on the Mac but obviously we had to choose PC for now. Hopefully we will be able to support both Mac and PC in the future.

Brink and I continue to explore microtonal improvisation at the Sonic Arts Gallery. We have recently created a recording of 19 ETO on two acoustic (amplified) guitars. We are always upgrading our system and are work on three stations of synthesizers. Since we are only two people we encourage others to improvise with us. Two of the stations have multi percussion setups.

Also we are able at this time to showcase Tonescape at the Sonic Arts Gallery here in sunny San Diego. Joe Monzo will showcase our newest Catalina edition at the Gallery at different times on Fridays or the weekend. To set up appointments you can reach Joe at We have already given quite a few showcases, and we are set up with a projector and screen to show for up to ten people at a time.

We don't have a launch date ready for Tonescape at this time, but we are hoping by early fall to have our public showing. We hope that those of you who are anxious to get your hands on the best microtonal tool to be available anywhere for understanding and composing with new scales will be happy to wait until we are ready for launch. If you can't wait, E-mail Joe and set up a time to drive this puppy around the block.