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Create a new Tonescape™ Musical Piece

When you are familiar with the basics of editing a Musical Piece, you're ready to start composing your own Tonescape™ Musical Pieces.

Unlike every other music software application, Tonescape™ does not assume any tuning as your default. So your first step in composing a new Musical Piece is to choose your tuning.

Creating a Tuning is not part of composing a Musical Piece -- that is a separate aspect of using Tonescape™. The Tuning you want to use must already exist, and you simply choose it from your store of saved Tunings. If you want to get started composing right away, you may simply choose from among the sample Tunings which we bundle with Tonescape™ when you install it, or you may create one of your own.

Version 1.0 of Tonescape™ will allow you to use one Tuning per piece. In future versions, you'll be able to mix several different Tunings, and also change to other Tunings after the piece has been composed.

To begin creating a new Musical Piece, first click on the "File" menu at the top of the Tonescape™ work envirnoment:

Once you have decided on which Tuning you want to use, you must choose a Tuning and add it to your Musical Piece.