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Tonalsoft Help contents

The Basics

4) Navigating the Tonescape™ workspace

The following sections explain how to navigate around each part of the Tonescape™ workspace.

a) the main Tonescape™ window
b) the Musical Piece window
c) the Lattice window
d) the Tuning Editor
e) the Tools window
f) the Playback controls
g) the Menu bar and Toolbar

The basic philosophy behind Tonescape™ is this: since there is a bewildering variety of different ways to represent music visually, instead of trying to figure out how to choose the single best one, just use them all!

Thus, Tonescape™ shows you your Musical Pieces in Pitch Height notation in the Musical Piece window, and it also models your tuning geometrically in the Lattice window. The Lattice and all the various notation windows are synchronized, so that the when you click the Play button and listen to your Musical Piece, the notes being heard are highlighted in real time simultaneously on all the different views.

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