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Tonalsoft Help contents

The Basics

Navigating the Tonescape workspace

The main Tonescape window

Tonescape displays a variety of different windows each showing a different visual representation of your Musical Piece. The windows are synchronized, so that the when you click the Play button and listen to your Musical Piece, the notes being heard are highlighted in real time simultaneously on all the different views.

You may have multiple files open simultaneously, and they are labeled on Tabs which appear at the top of each window. An icon to the left of the filename indicates what type of file it is: Musical Piece, Tuning, or Tonespace. Clicking on a Tab opens the view of that file in whichever type of window the Tab appeared (Lattice, Musical Piece, Tuning Editor, etc.).

Any group of windows (or all of them) may be docked within the overall Tonescape window:

or they may float freely "on top of" the main window. To undock (float) a window, click on the Title Bar and drag it out of its docked position. Alternatively, you may right-click on the Title Bar to open a pop-up menu, which allows you to Float or Hide View:

When a window is floating, it may be freely moved and resized:

It is necessary to keep only one window docked -- any of the others may be docked, floating, or hidden:

If you just want to close the window completely, open the pop-up menu and select "Hide View".

To open any window which is hidden, click on the View menu and select a window from the middle section of the menu:

To dock a floating window, hold down the "Ctrl" key, click the Title Bar, and drag the window to the position where you want it docked. Alternatively, when a window is already floating, its pop-up menu offers Dock and Hide View:

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