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Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory

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[Pierre Lamothe]
Gammier structure
Gammier structure is
Gammoid structure with
 Fertility axiom
Gammoid structure is
Harmoid structure with
Regularity axiom
Contiguity axiom
Congruity axiom
Harmoid structure is
Chordoid structure on
rational numbers with
standard multiplication
standard order
finite chordoid congruence modulo 2
Chordoid structure
See Chordoid structure
It is sufficient to know at this level that any finite set of odd numbers
A = <k1 k2 ... kn>
generates a finite chordoid of classes modulo 2 with the matrix
A\A = [aij]
where the generic element is
aij = kj/ki
and a corresponding harmoid with the set
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