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Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory - Index

Symbols Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z



a&b temperament [a&b are numbers]
0 modulo n
3/2 complement
4/3 complement
5-limit ET consistency
7-nominal-staff notation
8ve (octave)
12-edo / 12ed2 / 12-ET / 12-EQ / 12-tET
12-edo-staff notation
12-tone method / serialism

Numbers | EDOs

parts of a tone
diatonic interval names: generic
2nd / second
3rd / third
4th / fourth
5th / fifth
6th / sixth
7th / seventh
8ve / octave
9th / ninth
10th / tenth
11th / eleventh
12th / twelfth
13th / thirteenth
eighth / octave / 8ve
eleventh / 11th
fifth / 5th
fourth / 4th
ninth / 9th
octave / 8ve
second / 2nd
seventh / 7th
sixth / 6th
third / 3rd
tenth / 10th
thirteenth / 13th
twelfth / 12th
diatonic interval names: augmented
diatonic interval names: diminished
diatonic interval names: major
diatonic interval names: minor
diatonic interval names: perfect
fraction-of-a-comma meantone names
MIDI pitch-bend resolution units



imperfect (interval quality)
diatonic intervals

iring / centitone (unit of interval measurement)


magic (temperament family)
Mahler 7th/1 [Monzo score and analysis]

marvel (temperament family)
meantone (temperament family)
mina (unit of interval measurement)

miracle (temperament family)

monzo (prime-exponent vector)
Monzo, Joe (music-theorist)
morion / moria (unit of interval measurement)
mutt (temperament family)
mystery (temperament family)



savart (unit of interval measurement)
schismic / skhismic (temperament family)
semisixths (temperament family)
sk (unit of interval measurement)
skhismic / schismic (temperament family)
spook (581edo, unit of interval measurement)
sruti tuning [Monzo essay]
Sumerian tuning [speculations by Monzo]
synemmenon (Greek tetrachord)
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